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Miel Vandepitte (°1998) is a Belgian illustrator and comic book artist. He graduated magna cum laude at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, and obtained a master's degree in Graphic Storytelling. He also has a bachelor's degree in Game Graphics Production. As part of this studies, Miel spent a semester at the Pacific North-West College of Arts in Oregon, studying under the likes of Robert Alexander, Jonathan Hill and Zachary Rau.


Miel’s first graphic novel Centralia first was published by Scratch Books in the fall of 2021. French and English translations have since come out thanks to Éditions Albin Michel and Living The Line respectively. He is currently working on his second graphic novel ‘Megalopolis’, while continuing to work as a freelance illustrator.

Miel has made illustrations for clients such as De Haven van Antwerpen-Zeebrugge, LAGO, Knack, De Standaard, Hoplr, FARO, Het Belgisch Stripcentrum and others.

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