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Sketchbook Compilation

It took me four years to develop the perfect style to quickly capture scenes, interactions and people in my sketchbook. These drawings were all made in 5 to 15 minutes, in an A6 moleskine sketchbook using various types of black and colored markers. I continue to practice my live drawing on a daily base and have filled around 1500 pages of these sketchbooks.

HOWEST Sketchbook presentation (2022)

At the end of 2022 I was tasked with documenting and summarizing a student project for an interdisciplinary course at HOWEST. For the presentation, I exclusively used sketches that I had made on the spot, while the group project was going on.

RECOMS live illustration (2021)

Along with fellow illustrators Charlotte van Hacht and Jente Van Loven I participated in this interactive exhibition for RECOMS.
We created visuals, inspired by the interactions we had with the visitors and their feedback on the topic and themes of the exhibition. The event was documented on the instagrampage of Recoms.

I.o.v. ILVO en Omgeving i.k.v. Marie Curie ITN Recoms

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